Principal Investing

We seek undervalued, out-of-favor, mis-managed, and other opportunistic investments. Our subsidiaries generally invest in partnership with major real estate equity funds, under a format in which we act as the operating partner and the fund acts as a passive investor.

Since establishing the firm in 2005, we have acquired over $500 million of commercial mortgages and real estate through our nine subsidiaries. Some of our transactions include:
  • A $27 million note secured by a 424 unit apartment complex in Chicago;
  • 168 REO units in a 240-unit fractured condominium project on the South Side of Chicago
  • A portfolio of 195 commercial mortgages located in 20 states with a total balance of $350,000,000.

We are continuously seeking new opportunities to purchase value-add, distressed and off-market properties across all asset classes. 

Institutional Partners

We have strong track records with our institutional partners, having partnered on a number of successful transactions.  We also have strong relationships with many other leading capital sources in the market who are familiar with our performance in partnerships with their peers. 

Certainty of Execution

Our institutional partners provide sellers with the comfort that comes from dealing with a leading institutional capital source.   Our track record and relationships with  a number of insitutions are testimony to the experience, skill sets and credibility that we bring to each transaction. 


By partnering with large institutions, we are able to leverage our capital and expertise to allow us to pursue very large transactions.  Our transactions have ranged as low as $3,000,000 to as high as $350,000,000.